Amanero Flash Manual

The firmware of board can be upgraded to new version through the OEM Tool.
Please download the Flash Tool and Drivers from Amanero site.
Amanero OEM Tool V1.17
Amanero Drivers for Windows
Select the suitable version of firmware as your required:
1080: Windows XP/7/8 with the old driver, DoP for Mac & Linux.
1081: Windows 10 with new UAC2 driver, DSD-Native for Mac & Linux.
The default firmware of Amanero board is version 1080.
Please operate by the following steps and sequence: Erase » Flash CPLD » Flash CPU

Only suitable for the original amanero interface, please do not try some fake boards.
The contents of this manual are for reference only, and do not provide any guarantees.

Erase The Firmware

First of all, the old firmware should be erased before the board can be flashed again.
The operation steps are as follows:
1. Connect the board to computer with USB cable.
2. Make a contact between pads like in photo.
3. Keep for 1 second, then removed.

Amanero Erase

After the operation, unplug the USB cable, and replug it to reset the device.

When you replug the erased board, Windows may ask about a driver.
The driver file is atm6124_cdc.inf in the program folder.

Flash CPLD

After deleting the old firmware, start to flash CPLD again.
Double click the ConfigTool.exe file to run the program, select the default ID:
OEMID » combo384
Click the Firmware Programming label bar like in photo.

Amanero Flash Tool

Select CPLD firmware:
CPLD Firmware Selection » CPLD_1081_DSDSWAPPED
Then press Flash CPLD button. When Done, unplug the USB cable.
Next, continue to update the device as follows:
1. Replug the USB cable.
2. Keep for about 3~4 second ......
3. Then unplug it again.

The computer should be connected to the internet.
If the left and right channels of DSD are opposite, please select CPLD_1081.

Flash CPU

After the CPLD updated, start to flash CPU firmware.
Replug the USB cable and select CPU firmware:
CPU Firmware Selection » firmware_2006be11
Then press Flash CPU button to upgrade CPU firmware.
When Done, unplug the USB cable.


After the firmware is upgraded, check the device as follows:
1. Replug the USB cable.
2. Windows found a new device, USB icon appears in the tray ...
3. Double click the USB icon to view the device information.

The driver should correspond to the firmware version.
For 1081 firmware, the UAC2 driver for Windows 10 should be installed.
Before installing, you should uninstall the old driver.

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