ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player






The main specifications of ARTT-UX1 are described as follows.

Model ARTT-UX1 Player, Silver
Feature PCM (44.1~384k/16~32bit)
DoP (DSD64~128), DSD Native (DSD64~256)
Audio Format DSF / DFF
AAC(M4A) / MP3 / OGG
USB Audio Port USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, UAC2 Audio Standard
Network RJ45, 100M / Full Ethernet
Panel LED DC / Power / DAC / NAS Status Indicators
Power Supply DC 5V (±%2), Minimal 500mA, 5.5/2.1mm Outlet
Power Consumption 0.6 W (No USB device)
Weight 0.2 Kg
Dimensions 82 x 84 x 26 mm

The USB DAC & Interface should be compatible with the UAC2 standard.
The max sample rates of PCM & DSD depend on the real specifications of the USB Interface.
ARTT reserves the right to change without notice. Please note that the online update.



ARTT-UX1 Output Ports

Manual & APP

Please download APPs, softwares and documents from the ARTT network disk.
UX1 music bridge is equipped with complete and detailed online manuals.
For end users, all the links and authorization will be sent through online chat or email.
Download & Resource

ARTT-UX1 Remote Control Client

DSD-Native DAC

UX1 player supports Amanero, XMOS and ITF based DACs by default.
For some new devices, you can enable Native by online Cloud Service directly.
You may contact the DAC manufacturer to confirm your device.
List of DSD-Native DACs

Firmware Upgrade

UX1 music bridge supports online firmware upgrade.
Please decide whether to upgrade according to your own needs.
Firmware Change Logs

Technical FAQs

The frequently asked questions of ARTT-UX1 are described as follows.
For more technical details, please see User Guide and Reference Manuals.
Technical FAQs

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