ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player





Firmware Change Logs

Open Chrome browser on the computer to access ARTT-UX1 home page.
Click Settings » General » Firmware » Update to flash the latest firmware.

The firmware change logs of ARTT-UX1 are listed as follows.

AUX1-21-230328 Mar 28, 2023

AUX1-21-200622 Jun 22, 2020

AUX1-21-200305 Mar 05, 2020

AUX1-20-190628 Jun 28, 2019

AUX1-10-181205 Dec 05, 2018

This is the first firmware release.

Please decide whether to upgrade according to your own needs.
ARTT reserves the right to change without notice. Please note that the online update.

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