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Technical FAQs

The frequently asked questions of ARTT-UX1 are described as follows.
For more technical details, please see User Guide and Reference Manuals.

Is USB interface suitable for audio digital streaming ?

Mr. Andreas, the founder of SACD and DSD standard, thinks that USB is the best digital streaming interface.
His reasons are as follows: USB interface has the advantage that coaxial is hard to replace, and can realize bidirectional asynchronous transmission.
At the same time, asynchronous transmission makes the I2S master clock close to the D/A side, which SPDIF coaxial interface does not have.

Is X86 computer suitable for digital audio source ?

Neither PC nor MAC is suitable, which will damage the sound quality of DAC.
The noise is not limited to switching power supply, x86 motherboard hardware itself is a huge source of pollution.
Even using linear power supply that can not eliminate the inherent noise of X86 motherboard.

Is battery powered laptop equivalent to linear power ?

It is just a switching power with DC-DC boost mode.

Is it necessary to use linear power supply for ARTT-UX1 player ?

In order to get a better listening experience, it is recommended to use a linear power supply.
DC 5V / 1A, socket diameter 5.5 / 2.1 mm.

How about the stability and reliability of ARTT-UX1 player ?

After long time test, the player runs very stable and reliable.

What USB-DAC devices does ARTT-UX1 player support ?

Support all USB-DAC devices compatible with UAC2 standard.

Which USB-DAC devices can support DSD-Native function ?

The most known DSD-Native devices are listed as follows:List of DSD-Native DACs
UX1 can support newly launched devices through Custom or Cloud service, without having to wait for firmware updates.

What is the default IP address of ARTT-UX1 player ?

The default IP address is:

How to modify the network segment of ARTT-UX1 player ?

UX1 and router should be in the same network segment to access each other.
The network segment can be synchronized by simply plugging in and out the network cable.

How to carry out configuration management ?

Through chrome or other browsers for configuration management, input in the address bar:

Where to get remote control APPs ?

Log in to the ARTT network disk and enter the Software / APP directory to download.
For Apple devices, please download the remote APPs from Apple-Store.

How to build a NAS media server ?

Windows PC or Mac computer system can be used as basic NAS server.
The network hard disk box such as AirDisk etc., or router with Samba share can be used as simple NAS server.
Of course, you can also choose NAS product such as Synology etc., or DIY server of mini host.

Does ARTT-UX1 support AirPlay and DLNA streaming ?

UX1 supports AirPlay music streaming, without DLNA / UPnP receiver.

What capacity of SD / TF card can be supported ?

Theoretically, UX1 can support 1T SD / TF card. At present, 512G is tested.

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