ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player






The main features of ARTT-UX1 are described as follows.

Embedded Audio Architecture

  • Based on embedded pure audio system architecture.
  • Simple hardware and minimized audio firmware system.
  • Low-Noise, Low-Latency and Ultra-Low Power consumption.

Professional USB Audio Output

  • High performance USB output with PCM384/DSD256 digital streaming.
  • Native UAC2 standard, selectable DoP/DSD-Direct (Native) output.
  • Bit-Perfect playback, selectable Low-Latency or Real-Time mode.

Innovative Audio Playback System

  • Running in pure RAM status, fast boot-up in 5 seconds.
  • Highly optimized playback engine, ultra-low resource requirement.
  • Creative Off-Line ZeroWeb technology, no Web & PHP services.

Design & Quality

  • PCB with gold deposition, and high quality SMD components.
  • Gold-plated USB port, pure copper DC outlet, and network port with filter.
  • High quality aluminum case with simple and stylist design.
  • LED indicators for DC, Device, USB interface and NAS mount status.
For technical details of ARTT-UX1, please see theSpecificationsection.



ARTT-UX1 Front View






ARTT-UX1 Rear View

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