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AudioMate SACD-ISO2DSD Coverter

ARTT, Mar 12, 2019 HKT
AudioMate converter runs as a explorer extension plugin on windows desktop.
Just click folder context menu, the audio files will be imported to complete conversion.
The identification of audio file is automatic. Simpler, Faster and more Efficient.
Free for non-commercial personal use, without any warranty.
If you like AudioMate, pleaseDonatethe developer.


The main features of AudioMate are described as follows.

  • Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10(32&64bit) systems.
  • Export DFF/DSF/DST tracks from SACD-ISO image file.
  • Decompress DST Lossless to DSDIFF Raw file.
  • DFF to DSF, or DSF to DFF coversion each other.
  • Transcode DSD to PCM, or PCM to DSD format.
  • Encode and Decode Lossless audio file.

Please refer to the table below for source formats & conversion rules.

Source Output Notes
ISO DSF / DFF / DST Support Channel / Path parameters
DFF DSF, WAV / FLAC DSF Pack, D2P Transcoding
DFF(DST) DFF(DSD RAW) DST Decompression
WSD WAV / FLAC D2P Transcoding
WAV FLAC / AIFF, DFF Lossless Encoding, P2D Transcoding
AIFF / WMA WAV / FLAC Unpack PCM, FLAC Encoding
Lossless WAV / FLAC FLAC / WV / APE / ALAC / WMA / SHN / LA
FLAC FLAC Plus Sound Normalizer

The FLAC Plus has better sound quality.
The D2P & P2D transcoding can only support DSD64 format.
For Hi-Res DSD128/256/512 file, please try othersoftwareor tool.

Download & Setup

Please follow the steps below to install AudioMate.

1. Download the latest version from:NetDiskorSourceForge
2. Run AudioMate.exe setup program.
3. Input License Key.
4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
5. When done, reboot computer.
License Key: 090BA6517C75DE057EB061D816194527

Before installing please close the anti-virus software.
It is recommended to disable the Windows UAC function.
Please set the current user as a member of Administrators.
If the License Key has expired, please contact customer service.

ARTT-UX1 Front View

ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player

Quick Start

AudioMate has no general main program. Operate like Copy and Paste through the right click context menu. The basic operation steps are briefly described as follows.

AudioMate - Import Album Folder

1. Move the ISO file to a folder, such as MySACD directory.
2. Right click on the folder, and select AudioMate popup menu item.

AudioMate - Select Audio Format

3. The file Demo.iso in the folder will be imported automatically.
4. Then, select the DSF button to extract tracks.
5. Please wait for processing to complete.
6. When done, the results will be stored in the current folder.

When selecting an Album folder, all tracks will be imported.
If extraction error occurs, it's recommended to try Short Name or Path.
The long path will occur issues, the total length must be less than 256 characters.
If a Bad or Fake ISO file is imported, program will prompt error and exit.
The copyright of third-party software tools belongs to the authors.

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