ARTT-UX1 USB Digital Player

The Next Generation of Digital Audio Source for USB-DACs

Mate of Hi-End DSD DAC


ARTT-UX1 USB digital player was developed originally by ARTT Labs.
UX1 is based on embedded system architecture, and designed specifically for Hi-End USB audio applications. Simple, Light, Efficient and Stable.
UX1 is a perfect digital audio source for DSD-DAC and USB interface owners.
Any USB-DAC can be connected easily to home music center via UX1 music bridge.
Enjoy audiophile sound, whether it is NAS network share or local media playback.
Here, sincere dedication to you, music lovers & DSD audiophiles all over the world.
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ARTT Labs is a next generation of digital audio solution provider.
Simple is the Best, The Pure and Perfect Sound is Made.
The performance of chip is just an foundation, but we care most about the experience of ears, because the sound is the gold standard for all Hi-Fi devices.
Just as ARTT brand concept, our products are perfect combination of ART & Technology, so that you can enjoy and deep in music during long listening sessions.


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